Tommy Boatman

Awesome customer service!!!! You call, it rings and a very nice lady answers! No holding, no press 1 for this or press 2 for that. Scott seems like a top notch guy running a top notch business! Kudos to you guys!

Josh Post

Got a sampler pack of the mojo scents and man do they stink!! In a good way that is. Very potent and long lasting!! Will definitely be in the back pack with me every trip to the woods!!

Bob Murwin

Sounds to me the people that work for 30-06 Outdoors LLC are very friendly and try every way they can to answer and help any questions that you have concerning there Products!!!! If I need any Hunting Products I will sure give them a call, and you should TOO!!!

Wayne Lach

Great customer service and takes the time to make sure you are getting what you want when you place your order!

Justin Collins

String snot is the best bowstring wax I have ever used. It is easy to apply, and coats your string better than harder waxes, not to mention it is scent free. when I run out of my free tube I will definitely be getting more. Thank you 30-06 for making such a wonderful product.

Steve Forgey

Great company, Great pricing, Great people.

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